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Re: BV and celibate

Thanks Sha4606. The reason he put me on flagyl is because the end of Feb. I almost bled to death and was rushed to the ER and had emergency Colon resection. During a routine blood and urine test he discovered I had a bad bladder infection. Flagyl can treat that also in case I have the infection back. To be honest I don't think I do. I itch like crazy and have had it also for over a year off and on. I have tried a product called Vagi-gard that is iodine and peroxide. I was taking AZO yeast away but with all the meds I am on I am afraid to take anything. Nothing has really helped. No discharge but itching even in hair and around my bottom. Monastat, nothing has helped. I will try the reFresh next or have him test further next week when I go in again. Thanks again,Dyana