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Re: Thoughts on taking maiden name after divorce

When I divorced my first "husband" (i put it that way because he was NEVER man enough to be a husband) there was not even a moment of doubt that I would take my maiden name back. I wanted to be totally done with that abusive jerk. I figured why keep the name when I wasn't part of that idiots life any more. Good riddance to bad rubbish is how I felt about it.

I know this really sounds mean, but why keep the name of a man who you are no longer married to? Especially if they are a total jerk?

Now, if a divorce is on good terms, and there are still good feelings, then this would maybe be different, but I still tend to feel that even had we divorced on good terms, I would have still taken my maiden name back.

Good luck sweetie, I hope you are able to get through this with no trauma.