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Re: Please help us understand

Hi Ibb,

I had a lumpectomy before my mast. It was to try and preserve my breast BUT because my margins of tissue around the tissue he took out still showed cancer cells he recommended the mast. They check it on the path report. Then when I had my mast. they checked the margins again and they were clean meaning they got it all that time. But there's no guarantee it won't come back. Then there is another test, blood test, for CEA levels.

CEA stands for Carcinoembryonic Antigen which in our cases are tumor markers. I had the blood work monthly to watch my CEA levels because it can show if the cancer is spreading. Somethings can also make it increase too so your doc will take that into consideration. I was getting a shot after every chemo treatment called Neulasta which is a white blood cell booster so I wouldn't get neutropenic (lack of white blood cells). It my WBC count was toooo low I had to skip my chemo. Smoking can also increase the CEA levels.

I don't know why they didn't give her chemo/radiation. Several things to consider in giving it. Her doctor would be the best one to answer that question.

I hope this has helped some

Take care and let us know how she does.