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Re: Massive attention seeking got out of hand


A lot of what you wrote rings true for me as well. I saw a dietician for a bit last year, who helped me work through some of the reasons why I was restricting etc. I stopped seeing her because she was impressed by my (physical) progress. Unfortunately, some other stuff has come up for me recently and it's like heaps of new issues concerning food have come up that didn't seem to be there previously. I would like to be able to see someone again - someone who is going to take it a bit more seriously. Last year I had physical symptoms of an ED - this year, I am going well physically but have the emotional / psychological aspects happening worse than ever. I look fine, but seriously aren't going well inside my head. The only way I managed to keep the weight on was to quit my gym membership and go for walks instead (since I was overdoing it at the gym, and don't fall into that trap when I'm just walking for exercise instead).

Same as you.... can't believe it when people go on about how thin I am... when I'm thinking of myself as pushing the upper limits of the healthy weight range like I was for most of my teenage and young adult life.