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Re: Please help us understand

Hi Ibb, I have heard of women with early stage breast cancer only having a mast..some even just having a lumpectomy..I had a mast and chemo 4yrs ago.Are the going to biosy the other lump? Were was this lump on her good breast or the mast side?
You dont mention what kind of symptoms that she is having..but I can tell you from my own experience that after having a diagnosis of cancer and then undergoing a is an awful lot for a person to handle emotionally..and sometimes that can lead to depression, which seems to exacerbate all other health conditions..this happened to me until I got some counseling and started on an anti-depression med..I am not saying that this is what is going on..she needs to have a dr. evaluate her symptoms.
Just old is your grandmother..mine was 72 when she got bc...and lived till she was 92! it wasnt cancer that killed her either.
best wishes to you
hope everything turns out okay..let us know