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Re: osteomyelitis of 5th metatarsal

I'm going through a similar ordeal (osteomyelitis of the 5th metatarsal) and just had the bone scraped out and filled with antibiotic-infused calcium phosphate. I'm also taking two types of oral antibiotics and about to begin intravenous antibiotics. Have they identified the bacteria responsible for your infection? If not, make sure that you take two different antibiotics immediately following surgery: one targetting gram-positive bacteria and one targetting gram-negative.

I'm also young (23 yrs old) and formerly very active. I would definitely like to preserve as much of the bone as possible, but I'd rather have it taken out than live with pain and a constant wound on my foot.


I, too, have become very suspicious of some of my previous doctors' motives. I made the mistake of going back to the doctor who caused my original infection, and I think that he made things worse by trying to cover his ***. I then went to another doctor in his group and I fear that he was protecting his friend. I finally found the right doctor, though, and I think that things are going to work out. All that I can recommend is that you have a foot specialist do your surgery. Also, make sure that they have experience with osteomyelitis and that they aren't just applying a broad textbook diagnosis/treatment to your specific situation.

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