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Re: wetness under the armpits! driving me nuts!

I had this problem quite bad. No matter what I used, I always had sweaty armpits - and not really bad anywhere else. As I was reseaching what I should use, I can across various articles about anti-persperants, and how it can be bad for you - causing cancer etc.... I don't know if I really believe this, as there are many different opinions out there, but it scared me, so I stopped using all deoderant and anti-persperant, with all intentions of finding something 'safe' at a health store.

Well, I never did find anything, and now I use nothing at all, and I don't sweat anymore (OK in the summer with vigorous outdoor exercise I do, but that's only once in a great while).
I shower daily, so I'm staying clean, and I don't think I smell bad by the end of the day - (I ask for a smell check from my husband -LOL).
This may just be a fluke that works for me, but I'm satisfied to not use anything.
I've read about the botox injections, and if the problem ever comes back, I may look into it, because now I don't really want to put anyhing on under there.