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Re: wetness under the armpits! driving me nuts!

well im only 19 and dont have any insurance anymore!! so the botox thing...might have to wait. unless i can find out how much it really is.

and going without any deodorant. doesnt help either. like i said ive tried tons of stuff...and when i wear no deodorant i still sweat..and sometimes do have BO without that i guess i need it.

i have found that the only brand and scent i have had any luck with ..and i have no idea degree body responsive energy splash.

i always look for deodorant with a high percent of aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex (anti perspirant) and ive only found as high as 21% does anyone know anything higher? althought the energy splash is only 17.8% so i have no idea!

this is just a really annoying thing ive been dealing with practically since i became a teenager and really started to care and pay attention to it. and i would like to wear normal tops that actually fit me well but i cant sometimes. its such a bummer.
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