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Re: What next? spinal cyst.....

I'm sorry you weren't given all the information. As mentioned by another member, maybe getting your records will help. I have 3 large spinal cord cysts. Mine are in the sacral area and are presumed to be "Tarlov Cysts."
Several years ago I went to neurologist with sciatica and intense pressure in the sacrum. The cysts corresponded exactly where my problems originated from. She felt they needed to be removed and sent me to NS.

I have no idea if that's maybe what you have or not, but I do know that many doctors feel that Tarlov cysts are thought to be incidental findings, rather than a cause for a problem. Mine are so large they are erroding the bone. I had one surgical consult for them but was told there would be no guarantee they wouldn't fill right back up again, or that I wouldn't be left with a spinal fluid leak. (That NS said it's like trying to sew wet toilet paper.)

I still have chronic pain, but I am not willing to risk the surgery that may not even help. I was told if I begin to lose bowel or bladder control, then there is no choice, but for now I'm living with them.

I hope you find the answers and relief you are looking for.
Take care.