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Shyness, Low self esteem.

Well, i am 24 years old and never been in a relationship with a girl I am quite normal looking to the normal person but have underlying issues which i dont convey which hinders me "fitting in". There is a girl that lives down my road who asked my bro to tell me she thinks i am "good looking" and that she wants to be "friends".

I dont know if she does like me though, weve never met properly only for a brief time on a couple occasions (on those occasions i ignored her completly due to shyness and i think she took that as rejection although how do i tell? how do i give her a hint i like her so it can make it easier?) but never spoke proper i told my bro to tell her i have no friends and that im a broken person trying to deal with some issues (trying to push her away) and she replied "i will be his friend". The thing is she is a really outgoing person with a large circle of friends and a socialite. I am a recluse, unemployed quiet guy with 1 close friend who hardly leaves his apartment heh.

I also have been in depression due to some **** up's in my life which i had no power of which is a burden on my mind not letting me interact on a normal level with people. I dont know how it would work out if i were to approach the situation because our lifestyles are opposite also.

She also has a college/university course studying for masters degree and a quite busy lifestyle and likes to travel, i dont understand why she would be interested in me when she has such a large selection of guys from who she meets daily (maybe she isnt and im just being stupid parranoid heh). Most people dont even know i exist and i feel i cant offer anything to her although emotionaly i crave companionship deeply but think it is selfish to only take from her. She has aspirations in life i dont, im kinda a waster/loner and it brings my confidence down although she is really hot and nice i cant find it in myself to do anything about it in fear of rejection or not being good enough, i dunno what to do.

I understand most males in my situation would take advantage of the situation and see it as a easy lay (having no trouble talking to her e.t.c)
But i am quite sensitive person who doesnt see the same. Thanks.

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