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Nutritional advice, please...

I'm an 18 year old male, and have been regularly going to the gym and weight training for the last 4/5 months.

I am 5ft 11, and weigh 10 stone, pretty much normal if not slightly underweight.

Basically, I eat a lot of cereal. I have a few bowls for breakfast, and a few bowls as a supper before I go to bed. The cereals I eat tend to be shreddie-based, ie. frosted/coco/normal shreddies or flake based, like a cereal I found recently which is oat flaked based with a tint of honey for flavouring, or just plain weetabix/cornflakes with a bit of sugar to accompany it.

Throughout the day I eat a reasonably balance diet, which includes a full cooked meal at night, courtesy of my mum, and a sandwich/scrambled egg/small lunch, with a piece of fruit, maybe some crisps, yogurt etc.

I don't really snack much during the day.

Is it ok for me to eat as much cereal?

Is my diet balanced?

Any tips/hints/help would be greatly appreciated. =]



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