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Re: daughter has no started puberty?

Tell your daughter it's ok. I personally didn't get my period till I was 14 and a half and I'm perfectly healthy. I may not have the biggest boobs but that's cause I'm too bloody skinny, anyway I'm tall for a late bloomer at 5'6.5" so tell her not to worry as she'll get her chance to sprout. My brother is your daughter's age and he just started puberty. He was the shortest, and plumpest of all his friends for the past few years. He too came home upset at how he was the "fat" and short one of his group of friends since he got teased a lot. Now a summer later he's shed the pounds and is already a wow'ing 5'5" at age 14

EDIT: forgot to add that I'm just 100lbs now and have always been so don't freak out about her weight if she doesn't gain weight like some girls do during puberty

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