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driving me insane

BIG SIGH...So 4 months or so ago my oldest daughter came home from school with head lice.I did all the stuff went and got the RID treatments ,sprayed and vacuumed furniture and carpets and matresses and vehicles.Washed all the bedding,all clothes that were on floors,or could of came in contact with anyones heads,combed and combed and combed some more.I did this almost daily for 3 weeks including one more treatment on everyone and a thrid treatment on my daughter only at the end of the three weeks.So I beat them yay what a major mega relief that was.This was our first time ever with head lice.I have 5 kids too by the way plus myself and my husband.This was also over the christmas holidays so yeah it was sooooooo depressing and frustrating.ANYWHO here we go daughter came home last week from school with a note telling me she has head lice ARGH! I wanted to fall on the floor and cry right then.So instead I started the same ordeal this time RID did absolutely NOTHING when i got any bugs off after the treatment they just moved right along like normal.SO went and got some stuff from our doctor which I found out was basically the same dang thing as NIX well this seemed to work a bit better then the next day im on oldest daughters head combing and well found a few live bugs ugh.So i have been doing the cleaning house vacuuming and all the stuff I mentioned above combing all heads blah blah.Well nothing had been spotted in my own hair the whole time UNTIL today I was combing my own hair and found nits meanwhile all my kids heads now seem good.So I am confussed this go round.Also I do not think the school checks enough seems like its constant since the 4 or 5 months ago and then ya have parents who do not inform the school when their child gets the lice ugh.I talked with the school nurse and I am just appaled really she claims the school has the tuffest policy on head lice in this county yet most times they do not even send the infested child home?? When you are notfied of your child having headlice you only get that day and the following day to treat and your child MUST return to school ,nurse checks,unless you have a doctors note which I did get a doctors note for two days for my daughter.Anyway, I am just obviously frustrated,disgusted,annoyed and dont know what the heck to do.My three kids who are in school have been back in this week and im just scared we wont ever get rid of this crap.The nurse told me the state itself is about to make it where when a child is found to have headlice in school the nurse CANNOT send that child home because it is of no health threat it is a lifesyle thing! I dont get it when I was a kid lice kind hard of to rid of but no where near as it is today ,because they are now resistent to alot of the treatments, yet the lice policy weakens?? I cannot afford to go through this every few months buying stuff to help rid of the junk and also my electric and water bills are high enough well add having to do all this and they are just insane.I am just venting I guess but also if anyone has any sugesstions ,experiance with crap please share

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