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Question Platelett questions

I just came across this board, so I hope this is okay to post this here. This might get long, so if you can, please bear with me.
I have a daughter, who is two years old. One day, when she was about eight months old, she began to scream and cry in pain. Nothing helped sooth her, and the tylenol/motrin rotation did nothing. We took her to the hospital, where they immediately began testing her for meningitis, which came back negative. Her blood count, though, showed that her platelet count was through the roof-especially for her age. Back then it was at 650,000. She was refferred to a hematologist/oncologist, and weekly blood draws were started. Her count never made it lower than 550,000. She was tested for Lukemia, and bone marrow disease-all of which came back negative. After the incident of her screaming in pain, she was perfectly fine, and very healthy.
Skip forward a year and a half to Tuesday. She woke up, and when she came out of her room, she was very, very pale, and her lips were a dark purplish color. I checked her resp. rates, and her oxygen-both were good.
A few minutes later, she tried to ask for a drink, but mumbling and stuttering. Usually she talks well, so this was something new. she just couldn't get the words out. Halfway through her sentence, her eyes rolled back, and she collapsed, but waking immediately. For the next five minutes or so, she could speak at times, but her eyes kept going back again, and she would become unresponsive. During this time, she also began to vomit.
I rushed her to the hospital, and the same collapsing episode happened again in the triage. Her vital signs were all perfect, and her temperature remained at 98.3/orally. Again, she did it, and this time remained unresponsive for several hours. Several blood draws were done, an IV was put in place, a catheter was put in place, a spinal tap was done, as well as a CT scan. Most of which she just laid there, motionless and silent. She did jump with the spinal tap, but it seemed more of a reflex than anything else.
Meningitis was ruled out, and her ct scan was normal. Her blood test showed that she had had a seizure, possibly more than once. Also, her platelet count was up to 790,000. She did have a minor ear infection in her right ear. A dose of Amoxicilin was given, and within 25 minutes, she was back to her normal, perky self. This was late afternoon. Within an hour, she was back to being non-responsive, but snapped back out of it within a half an hour.
They monitored her for a few hours, and then sent her home, with the prescription for amoxicilin, and a recommendation to see the pediatrician, and the pediatric hematologist/oncologist asap.
I've been told that there is a new strand of the flu virus going around, with the symptoms being similar to these, but this doesn't seem like a typical virus. Today, she was acting normal, until around 6:00 PM, and then started to slip out of it again.
Has anyone ever dealt with something like this, or does anyone know of any links that might guide me in the right direction for a possible diagnosis???
Thanks for reading,

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