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Re: osteomyelitis of 5th metatarsal

I had this surgery done on my left great toe in 1999. It was a suprise to me to find out I had a bone infection. And by the time they cultured the infection I had already been on a round of antibiotics and they said they could not identify what type of bacteria it was! So I did the surgery immediatly as I was admitted that day. THey did tell me I might loose part of my toe but in the end they didn't have to take it off. Although the infection had ate thru half of the bone there in toe...

PLEASE DO NOT WAIT or mess around with a bone infection. It can spread and go deeper into the bone. I have not had a recurrance of infection there but I do get pain from time to time especially in the colder weather. They say it is normal to get arthritis in those areas after an infection of the bone.