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Exclamation Hallux Limitus

Any Runners out there already had or considering surgry for Hallux limitus of the big toe?

I am a long distance runner/triathlete geek with hallux limitus of the big toe right foot. Am told if I continue running I will destroy all the remaining cartilage in the joint and be stuck with hallux rigidus and no running. I have been wearing orthotics for 4 years to good effect but toe is becoming more inflexible and painful.

In the last 4 months I have had three completely different opinions on type of corrective surgery
required to enable me to continue running.
First, a high rent district Philadelphia hospital based Podiatric surgeon advises hemi implant of titaniuim.Thats all he does now for patients with this problem it is so efective. Second I saw a podiatric surgeon at a podiatric teaching hospital/University sports medicine foot/ankle institute in Phila. He said I require a decompression osteotomy in which an "L" shaped sliver is cut from the toe bone near but not out of the joint. He says its so successful its all they do now for this problem. He said the hemi implant will not hold up for long with running and I will have lost the joint irreversably doing the implant surgery.
Third I visit the most reputable Orthopedic foot surgeon in Philadelphia. He says I need a chilectomy...where they remove the excess bone tissue and about the top third of the ball of the joint to allow range of motion without cartilage. He said hemi implant wont last and as to the decompression osteotomy "Podiatric surgeons and orthopeic surgeons live in paralell universes".
Each of the three surgeons seems to have plenty of experience at the surgery they do for this problem...but how do I know which type of surgery to get? None of the three even peforms the type surgery of the other two perform.

None seem to have experience with patients who are serious runners. Are there any runners out there that have had surgery for hallux limitus? What kind? How is your running now?

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