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Well that is very encouraging. My ortho surgeon did say that he had a patient with fusion who was back running in a few months. They all seem to exaggerate the healing time, though. I could swear he said I would walk out of the fusion operation, be able to drive immediately, and he said nothing about crutches. If you get a chance I would love to know more about the healing process--what you did, what type of cast, could you drive, how about up and down steps, anything you learned in the process that you might do differently? I am definitely leaning toward fusion over that Keller procedure as the more I learn, the more this "floppy toe" probability bothers me. At least I know what a stiff toe is like--mine is basically stiff now; it's just that it's painful all the time. If it didn't hurt, I wouldn't have to have anything done. Thanks again for the info.