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Hi Metatarsis,
Well let me see..actually tomorrow I go for my 6 mo. check up and my right big toe is better than ever. To answer your questions, I was non-weight bearing for 3 weeks, (yes, hopping on 1 foot only)..and in a foot only hard cast for 6 weeks. I did drive after 4 weeks with the cast and used crutches until the cast was off @ 6 weeks. Stairs I did on my backside until I could do light weight bearing @ 4 weeks. I stayed home from work for 4 weeks, and wish I could have stayed home 6 as it was tough getting around those 2 weeks with crutches.
I don't think i would do anything differently, I have a fusion of my big right toe with 2 tit. screws in it!
It was an inconvenience, but I am pleased can work out, play tennis, and yes go shoe shopping too!
Good luck, and keep us posted...
Best, Sue