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Unhappy hi, really looking for a solution to my neck problem

Hi, I'm new and just lost about what is going on. Woke up last Friday and was in horrible pain, had it all across top of back and it ran down into my hand. It even made my armpits scream with pain. Called my Dr and they said that if I hurt that much, they could see me in a month and to just go to an ER. Saw a PA, she said that it looked like Radiculopathy and said to go see a neurologist. I found my last MRI and Diskography results. These are results from MRI: c3-4 small amount of air adjacent to right lateral aspect of vertebral body. Disk annulus appears within normal limits. Minimal posterior buldgin which flattens the thecal sac. C4-5 Punctare air in soft tissues adjacent to right aspect of vertebral body. There is prominent hypertophic change of left unconvertebral joint with moderate left neural formanil narrowing. There is left anterior veretbral spondylosis. Disk space is very small and punctate air and contast centrally. Slight irregularity posterior left aspect of disc just below the osteophyte seen. Increased epidural space attnuation in this region and on (lists an image) thre is also identified posterior focal smudging hyperattenuation. These findings suggest an annual tear with leakage of iodinated contrasst into the epidural space at this level. These findings should be correlated with clinical findings during siscograpy at this level. Right unconvertebral joint demoonstrates mininal hypertrophic change w/o neural frminal narrowing.
c5-6 vertebral body spondylosis and hypertrophic change with right neural formaninal narrowing. c-6-7 irregular posterior broad based disc bulge w/o significant spondylosis. Hypertrophic foraminal narrowing identified.
it goes on like this.
Now, I am losing feelings in my fingers and at night it's even more painful than when I broke my shoulder and arm and my foot in a fall. However, my primary doc chooses this time to take away pain mds and only offers some lidocaine patches. I have muscle spasms so terrible that I cannot turn my head, look up or look down. I had spend time in a wheelchair after 2 separate auto accidents and some torn disks there. I can't seem to make anyone to understand that I am in such agony and need help. Surgery for lower back almost killed me with complications. I guess I am looking for someone to help me understand what is going on in my neck, I had a accident as a teen and have had the spasms in my upper back for 40 years, I deserve some sort of a break from this. Does anybody understand in real people speak what is wrong with my neck and can I be fixed or will it keep getting worse. Excuse my typos but I can't bend the fingers on my left hand now along with the fact that they have no feeling in them. I'm in agony, live alone most of the time, my husband travels for weeks at a time out of the country. I am also trying to get ready to move someplace in a few months and need some help. well thats all my hand and arms can take for now. pls help me I think that my dr has grown tired of me and maybe her practice, but she is not as eager to help as once upon a time. i am abandoned and alone in this.

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