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Re: hi, really looking for a solution to my neck problem

Originally Posted by rayefaye View Post
Hi lizabeth, I sorry to hear about what you're going through. Those doctors in Wilson are like some of them here in Johnston Co. a bunch of quacks. Maybe you should check out Pitt Memorial Hospital in Greenville, which has a better facility and it like Duke is to us compared to Johnston Memorial Hospital. I suffer from Cervical Radiculopathy, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and Cervical Dystonia which the first two deal with nerve damage in my neck, shoulder and arm. Cervical Dystonia is where I have severe and uncontrollable muscle spasms in my neck which can cause my neck to turn to the left and my shoulder will draw all the way up to my left ear. All of these conditions are very painful so you need to find someone who knows how to treat this conditions. Like I said if there is a way possible that you could go to Pitt Memorial Hospital even if you have to go through the ER maybe someone there can help you or at least refer you to someone. Because I have heard of the horror stories about Wilson Hospital and Pitt is a very good hospital.
Hi Ravefave, Thanks for your response. I have found who appears to be a very overly qualified Neurosugeon here in Wilson, right on Forest Hills. When I got my first diganosis, I lived in VA and had some really good Drs there. Our little 'hospital' isn't good and my doc just says go there. I went to the clinic in Greeneville, but our insurance won't pay for going to a place associated with a teaching hospital.
All of the conditions you mentioned I know that I have them ongoing now as well, and they sure do hurt, a lot. But, we look ok, so without spending a ton on MRI's and other tests, everybody thinks we are just acting out for drugs. My dr cut mine down to half in the past month. I don't understand what's up with her. She wanted to to go the a pain clinic in Rocky Mt, but I checked on that and it's according to what I got from the hospital, nothing more than a lot of PT and helping you work through the pain, and let's not forget our drug addiction. My meds are the only thing that make me feel sort of normal and I'm getting worse. If you want to hear what the new Dr tells me, write back and I'll let you know.