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Re: hi, really looking for a solution to my neck problem

For right now I have a regular doctor who takes care of me which so far he has done a real good job. For the most part what he prescribes works real well but sometimes my biggest problem can be the muscle spasms. Sometimes they get so bad I have to go the the ER and get a prednisone shot when they get so bad the medicine doesn't help. Have you checked with that Neurosurgen on Forest Hills Dr. yet? Sometimes you can find a local doctor who is just as good, it just trying to find the right one. I'm sorry that your insurance won't allow you to go to Pitt because it a teaching hospital because I've heard of such things about that hospital. But I do think you need to see someone else about your problem and not someone who thinks it all in your head, I've been there and done that too. It wasn't until I finally lost use of my left arm that someone finally figured out that something seriously was wrong with me. Now my left arm is frozen where my left hand touches my left shoulder and no one can straighten it back out again. Also I have lost a lot of use of my right arm, I can't lift it no higher than my waist and I think that shoulder is starting to freeze up as well. I'll try and maybe ask around and see if I can find someone who can recommend someone in Wilson. I read also that you are moving, are you moving somewhere else in NC?