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Is it possible to sweat more with anti persperant on?

No deodorant keeps me dry. I only sweat under my right arm, not my left. I sweat more when i'm nervous rather than when it's warm. One time, i forgot to apply antiperspirant and i was exercising and i never sweat under my arms, which i thought was weird.

Then today, i tried PitRok for the first time, as i still smell abit with scented antiperspirant. I did a few stressful things during the day and my right armpit felt abit sticky from the sweat, but i didn't have any wet patches on my top and it doesn't smell (i know PitRok is meant to stop the odour), but is it normal to sweat more with anti persperant on?

I want to try not wearing antiperspirant for work, but i'm afraid to try it out!

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