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Re: Is it possible to sweat more with anti persperant on?

I have heard that using no anti persperant does help for some people. But from my personal experience ( i have sweaty underarms so bad ) it doesnt help. and i eventually get the BO smell if im not wearing any. Have you tried the new secret clinical? I am currently using that ..and i just started to use it the right way. You are suppose to wash your underarms at night and before applying the clinical they have to be completely dry...and then wear the clinical throughout the night its suppose to soak into the skin. the problem i never understood is that i take shower in the morning though defeating the purpose of even putting it on at night...but i just read on secrets website that after having it on for a while it gets into your skin (plugs they call it i read..?) and when taking a shower it doesnt bother it...its hard to explain..but im gonna start applying it at night and see if it helps. from what i read even after the shower dont put any kind of deodorant on ..just let the secret stay on...and it seems to be working today and im not smelling fact even after washing my underarms in the shower today i can still smell some of the im hoping this works...maybe you should try it can be purchased at walmart for around 8-9 dollars.
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