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Spider Bite or Infection Maybe??

About a week and a half ago I woke up with what I thought might be a spider bite or somethingÖ I had never seen anything like it. In the center there is a dark blueish almost lump type deal under the surface of the skin, its not protruding or a gaping wound or even open at all like with a small cut at the center or anything. Then around it the skin is bright blood red for about three inches in every directionÖ over the next few days the red streched further but my mom was in the hospital so I didnít have time to really pay attention to it. I figured I was okay since there hasnít been any pain really. Putting pressure doesnít hurt it at all, only when i lightlly run my fingers over it its kind of a slight sharp pain. Also, a few days after that I got what seems to be the flu. fever of 103 or so, aches, chills, tired a lot.. im not sure if its related because i always get the flu this time of year. It seems odd for a spider bite because of the location, but oh well.
What the heck do you think this is? I have sort of a huge fear of doctors, so I really do anything to avoid them, but I donít want for this to develop into something dangerous. And if it is a spider bite... its not usual with the "bullseye" type with the bite, then skin, then redness. there's no skin between the blueish lump and the redness. its like it sits in the redness.

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