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Re: Please help us understand

Hi, I had breast cancer (stage 1) in 2003 and had a full mastectomy due to family history. Doc said that if I had chemo, 3% chance it would help keep cancer from returning. Tamoxifen would help 10%. I opted for no chemo and yes to the Tamoxifen. I subsequently quit the drug after 2 1/2 months due to nasty side effects. It IS typical to not have chemo or radiation if the cancer is small and caught early. Mine was even invasive, however had not spread to a lymph node.

I recently had a breast MRI because I've had a cyst in the non-affected breast for some time. However they said things looked wonderful and so no worries. Maternal grandmother and great-grandmother both had breast cancer (after age 70) and mother had colon cancer at 38. She's still hangin' in there at 72. Cancer does NOT have to be fatal or horrifying, although the initial reaction would be the same in all instances. The best thing I did was talk to someone else who had had breast cancer. Did me a world of good. Hope this helps.