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Hi Mel, finally somebody has posted on here! You can learn more about this by going to the library and checking out the books there on sick building syndrome, environmental illness, healthy house, etc. I learned more there than anywhere. Your headaches sound exactly like mine. I have spent almost all summer sick. I get headaches above my eyes and in my sinuses that will pound if I cough, look at a light, bend over etc. I have pressure in my head almost all the time, and I am very tired and fog headed alot. I now have alot of summer allergies that I never had before, that seem to have come on after the chemical exposure in our home when our bathroom was redone. The only thing I have seen to help this type of illness ** chemical } is avoidance, which is hard to do. I have almost constant sinus problems. They swell and I end up talking nasaly. And the constant virus thing you mentioned is exactly what the doctor thought I had ** for 6 months??!! } untill it wouldn't go away and then he decided it may not be. I get sick from some sprays, exaust fumes, new furniture from the chemicals it has been sprayed with, new carpet, linoleum etc. As you can see, not many people know about this or maybe they are posting on the allergy board. Let me know what you find out in your reading. I spent a year looking for help and found there is none for chemical illness, just regular allergy help. I am also very sensitive to mold, and found this out on my own. Maybe this is your sinus problem also. Since this spring, I have just plain gotten worse over the summer, but have noticed it seems to be around the time when it rains. In the entire summer, I have had about 4 days of feeling great, and found that the mold count was low on those days, but high all the others, as we have had alot of rain. I really need to get to an allergist. Keep me posted. Good luck on your research of this.