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You sound exactly like me. I am going through the same thing. I can't deal with any chemicals, new carpeting, new furniture, all these new allergies, etc. I also have fibro. I have to even order special shampoo and conditioner because of the scents they add to shampoos. I will get a horrible headache within minutes of a scented candle or plug-ins. Cooking smells even cause me to swell. What I have learned is that this is common in fibro. It has been horrible to live with. My sinuses and nasal airways are always swollen. I, too have reactions to many new other allergies, i.e. pollen, mold, etc. which never bothered me before. It has cost us a fortune in pulling out new carpeting to replace with hardwood cause I can't stand to be in the room for 5 minutes without a reaction. I even have to cook many things outside (grill or crockpot)so I don't get a headache. I truly understand what you are going through. I have done a lot of research on it and read quite a few books. It seems the only thing to help is avoidance. I wish you well as best can be under the circumstances. Dawn2