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Thanks for replying Dawn and sharing your story. The stories I could tell you about getting so sick from so many different things!!! ** drier sheets, my brothers new couch, a leather jacket, cleaning supplies, etc. }And all that time the doctor thinking I had a virus, and I practically had to diagnose myself!! I also have hypothyrodism and some of the symptoms to allergies are similar. So this problem lately has been hard for me to figure out because i thought all this time that it was my thyroid medicine, and that i just needed more, ** my levels are now normal though } but have noticed a huge difference in how I feel when the mold count is high. BTW, have you seen a doctor for your other allergies? Just curious because it will be my first trip ever to one, and want to know what works for you. Anyway, I am glad to know there are others who can atleast understand. Thankyou