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Oh dear, i must sound hopeless to you all...i have tried the meditation and the reflexology, and the yoga faithfully, but i noticed it only calms my body, NOT my brain...I do exercise 3 times a week vigorously, my body feels good with this, however my brain still wont shut down...What do i tell a pschologist? I believe what i am feeling in my brain is excessive anxiety from issues i cannot resolve in my past, such as people hurting me deeply.. I have gone to a psych before, and she was so "book" like, that she didn't see into what was really going on with me...I am trying to find another one ...I have no friends here where i live, and have been here for 7 years. My friends think i'm crazy when i tell them my brain wont shut down...i live in a small town where they dont have support groups for anxiety.