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I'm so sorry to hear about your annoying brain. I "get it"!!!

I always felt like that as a kid, I could never get to sleep because my brain wouldn't shut off. No one ever knows what I mean.

Now, as an adult...I get some stupid song in my head(only about one or two lines, of course) and it will play over and over and over while I'm trying to go to sleep. Even when I read it'll play in my mind, sometimes I can't even concentrate on my book. SO COMPLETELY ANNOYING.

When my poor daughters are singing or something around suppertime, I'll yell..."don't sing anything PLEASE, it'll get stuck in my head."

Whichever is the "current song" will be stuck for a week or two. It is even there when I wake up in the morning.
This only happens when I lie down.

Zoloft (which I wasn't taking because of that) helped for a few months. But it wore off for that.

Exactly what kind of anti-depressants have you tried??
I wonder if Paxil would be good.
Sorry, but that is the only answer I can think of also.