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Re: Descabbing after tonsillectomy

I am on day 11 today. I know I was really concerned about the scabs coming off, too. I was terrified of bleeding. I have very little scabbing left at this point. I remember on days 6,7,8, and 9, the scabs came off the most. I coughed a lot as the ones in my throat came off. I felt like I was gagging and it was pretty painful. I never did have any bleeding to speak of, though. On day 11, I am still not able to eat any food, but the pain is not as constant. I am still struggling to swallow enough water to stay hydrated. I did start drinking slimfast to get some vitamins and nutrients. The other big thing about losing the scabs is that cold things HURT! The first few days cold was very soothing. I can really only do lukewarm stuff right now.

I wish you the best of luck with your recovery!