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Re: Carpal Tunnel Information Archive

I got rid of years of carpal tunnel. Hey it worked for me, really. It will be interesting to see if this works for others. First make sure that you have a good mattress. a Beauty Rest is what I have, just make sure it is a good brand name not a "just like" off brand. I then slept on it horizontally, and let my feet slightly hang over the side for about a month. And I don't know how it worked, but I have not had any carpal tunnel since the first night that I slept like that. It's been about three years now. I even went back to sleeping in a normal mode. I swear, it really worked. Hey, I know how painful and how sleepless the nights can be when your hands are tingling and hurting soooo bad. Please try this, I really hope that it works as well for you as it did for me.