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Re: should I get rid of little toilet seat?

Are the toilet seats normal or child size at your day care? We have the toilet seats that my son can fall through and get his backside wet.. not to mention plumb stuck with his arms and legs waving..

I so wished I had a video camera to catch that one. So we use a potty ring/seat that goes on the real toilet, it also has handles to hold on too. My son was never fond of using the training potty. He wanted to be a big boy and use the big potty, play with the toilet paper and flush his cars down the hole.

When your two year old comes and says, "Car not go down the hole." it gives you chills.

It sounds like you child knows when they have to go, but is unwilling to... take time outs on the potty set a timer during the weekends and every 45 minutes to an hour take them and sit them on the toilet. Make them sit for five minutes at least. The child will hate to stop playing that frequently and realize it is better to poop/pee to get off and stay off the pot.

When your child no longer messes in their pants then they are a big boy/girl and can play at their leisure without interference.. but if messes resume.. back to potty time outs. Making a bog deal of their big step really helps reinforce good potty training habits.

This worked for my son and #1 it helped with the pooping, but he would start streaking and making small messes because he was holding it and refusing to go.. we finally had to resort to the suppository/milk o mag regime to make him go. One weekend and he was trained.. this was when he was 2.5 years.

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