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Question Can Anyone Help?

I am wondering if I could get some feed back on if this sounds like Post Nasal Drip or some type of allergy symptom I have been experiencing.
I notice my nose is (always Stuffy) and I have this horrible scratchy drip feeling in my throat. And when I talk I feel the need (sorry so gross) to clear my throat of phlegm. If I do spit it out it is a clear foamy like phlegm. But the feeling of a lump of phlegm in my throat is getting quite annoying. At the end of the day my throat begins to feel sore from I guess the drip or phlegm feeling. At times I feel like I could gag on the phlegm that is how constricting it feels. But talking does make the problem worse.
I also have some ear issues, lightheadedness, crackling sounds in ears, tension headaches, fatigue, and over all a heavy head, drunk feeling!!! I do have TMJD But I don't think it is related.
Does this sound like post nasal drip, or an allergy problem? I don't notice a difference from the summer, winter, spring or fall. I always have it. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank You in advance

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