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Yeah, I actually forced myself to eat solid food to scrape off that stuff too. Pizza was wooooonderful if I took little bites and chewed till it was almost liquid lol I know not all of the scabs are gone, and I'm now on day 10, but I have noticed that they're not coming up into my mouth, which I am OH so thankful for. I guess I'm swallowing them? (not sure which is worse lol YUCK!) It's honestly not been all that bad. I've had absolutely no bleeding, but I have noticed that cold things hurt pretty badly, so I'm sticking to room temp or warmer. I'm not having to take my pain meds as regularly either. It's honestly not been nearly as horrible as some say it's been for them. The pain isn't even close to as bad as it was on days 1-5ish or so. Keep up the good recoveries guys and thanks for all your advice!