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Re: Gastric Band op - advice appreciated

If by gastric band you mean the laproscopic adjustable gastric band or lap band, then I have that. I got mine done about two months ago. I'm shocked at how much weight I have lost so far. Over three stones already, fifty pounds now. It works really well for a lot of people. For me I was surprised because it just cut my hunger levels. Before I was always hungry-- my stomach was like the plant in little shop of horrors saying feed me all the time. Now it isn't and now I can eat so much less and lose weight. Before I wasn't able to lose weight- well not much before, on my own. I could lose maybe one stone with diet and exercise and that would take forever and be really hard to lose and impossible to keep off.
Also, with the band I know that for pregnancy its healthy and its not malabsortive so I don't have to worry about how medications are digested.
There is only one bad thing I have encoutered so far-- the initial rapid weight loss was bad for my gall bladder. (I was losing a pound a day or so at first) I got really sick and I had to have my gall bladder out. Apparently my gall bladder was full of tiny stones that didn't show up on the ultrasound. While the removal has helped that is another surgery I am recovering from and all of it is hard on my body. No one told me about the gall bladder failure potential, or anything about the gall bladder at all, and that would have been good to be aware of. I have no regrets though and would do it again instantly.