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Re: Issues of anger/frustration/esteem with 9 yr old boy

Marie, I agree with you, I would draw the line on those behaviors too. What you explained sounds plausible to me. I have been interested in people my whole life and why they do certain things and whenever I begin to understand why someone does something (and they too) it is always a different story for everyone. You all are just going to have to untangle his story. I have had to work through things with my own children (who are 6 and 8) when they needed help to understand why they were reacting certain ways and were upset. I have even had to understand how my behavior has affected them. Sounds like he just needs to learn how his behavior affects others and then their resultant behavior affects him. You might have to break it down into very small pieces in order for him to understand the connections and go over it with him a lot. "You seem to be upset now because of ..... well, before this person did what upset you, you did this which upset them.... Life is just a constant learning endeavor!

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