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Well, I want to keep a journal of all the food I eat every day and maybe over time, I'll see a pattern on which food would cause me acne and which won't. I got all confused after reading all these posts on diet and acne connections. Some contradicts each other and some seems to limit almost every food groups out there. As one user once wrote "all we have is water to drink and lettuce to eat." Well, I'm not just going to drink water and eat lettuce for the rest of my life. So, I'll see if this journal will help me figure out which food causes me acne and which don't.

Breakfast: none

Lunch: chicken and broccoli chinese takeout

Dinner: rice, bitter melon and chopped ribs, fish, string beans, tofu and yellow beans soup, pork chops

Beverages: water (lots)

Snacks: none

Notes: For the last 2 days, I've gotten zits on my neck after I ate 2 bananas 2 nights in a row. Honestly, I think the zits might be due to my period than the bananas, but for now, I won't be eating bananas til I clear up (just in case).

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