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Re: Ongoing back problems, loss of mobility

Hi Cardy, nice to see another Uk resident on site, i dont think theres many of us! I have alot of ongoing problems, since a c5/6 discectomy was carried out Oct 05 after diagnosis from Mri at LGI. I have further disc promblems in cervical spine and recently diagnosed lumber disc probs. I'm only 37 and was a very healthty physical person b4 my problems started nearly 3 years ago. I cant work now as i am having too many probs with mobility myself. My legs are affected, walking has become increasingly difficult, my knees go red hot, ankles swollen and feet feel numbish, in fact as i say to my family i feel like my legs dont belong to me as they simply seize up! Its very frustrating but i'm determined not to end up in a wheel chair, for a start my home is 3 storey! so that adds its difficulties, i crawl up the stairs on some days but i get there even if it hurts. I would get your GP to refer you to see a NS or Pain Management specialist, i must say the pm consultant i now see is more understanding than my NS. I take pregabalin, have you tried that? It's early days for me on this medication as i havnt seen any significant results yet. Do you have any neuro hospitals near to you? I'm quite fortunate as i live not too far from Leeds General Infirmary which is a top Neuro hospital in the Uk. Keep me posted and good luck.