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Re: Can a doctor tell if you are a virgin or not?

So you are marching her off to the gynecologist for the most embarrassing of intimate examinations? The way you write it sounds almost as if you are punishing her. She will only rebel more and you will perceive her as more troublesome, and it will be years before you are good friends!

Your question about can the doctor tell intimates that you want to know this answer, cos clearly your daughter will know this. So why do you want to be so invasive in her life? Can she not get through her difficult teen years without extra problems and humiliation?

Ok perhaps I have laid it on a bit thick, but this was how I read your post. Ease up and maybe she will start to trust you and not rebel against you. As she gets older and maturer you will see the adult in her if you let her prove she is responsible. But of course I understand chicken and egg. Try talking.