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Success w/ Splint?

I've been lurking on this board for about a week or so and have learned a lot from all of you. I definitely see my own symptoms, frustrations, despair and hope in all of your posts. So let me say thanks for all your posts... discussion boards really are one of the best sources of information.

After 6 months of dizziness, ear pressure, tight / dullness on the left side of my head, tinnitus, eustachian tube dysfunction I've been diagnosed w/ TMD. It's been a long labyrinth of different doctors and tests to get here but I'm glad to have some certainty in the cause of my symptoms. Yesterday was my first visit to the neuromuscular dentist. Though I had almost no jaw pain, the x rays and bite examination revealed that my jaw is misaligned and that my left molar is taking the initial brunt of all my chewing and grinding at night. When the dentist had me move my jaw side to side, I could feel the tight areas of the left side of my head flexing. The dentist said that basically those muscles are full of lactic acid and metabolic waste products and are in constant state of being flexed. He also explained how a lot of the other symptoms I'm having can be caused by the irregular bite and jaw.

As far as treatment goes, he recommended the splint (~$4000), physical therapy, and after the bite and jaw is ok, some work on the damaged teeth (extending the cuspids and crowning some other teeth). He said that the splint should get me 60-70% better and the physical therapy would help get me the rest of the way. I hope to start on this regimen right away after I square things up w/ the insurance co.

So my question is.... I've seen mixed success of the splint from reading the boards here. I'm wondering if those that weren't successful eventually had success with the splint or if they could explain the reason for the lack of success (bad dentist, more than TMD) and those that had success could chime in if the success was long-lasting (did the symptoms come back).


Thanks again everyone.

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