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Re: is low birth-weight a marker for Downs?

Thanks for your reply.
I am so terrified of the unknown and worried I won't have the strength to handle complications. I've always been overly sensitive and emotional. Fortunately my DH is an amazing and incredibly supportive individual and I could not imagine a better person to go through any ordeal with. My due date is approaching fast, only a couple of days away and I'm just getting nervous.
If I had to do it all over I would have gotten an amnio to be better prepared for whatever the outcome is. I really wish the medical field wasn't so preocuppied with issues of malpractice and actually gave real advice when it came to testing. I met with a genetic counselor around my 21st week who just gave me odds (1 in 100+) but would NOT suggest whether I should do the amnio! What am I paying them for??
I'm sorry for the rant. Btw.. I love the name Sadie, it's one of the names i've been thinking all along for my baby.