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Sexual Abuse???

My 5 year old dd came home from kindergarten today and started telling me all about her friend "Michelle" (name is changed) and Michelle's boyfriends (yes, two of them).

Anyway, Michelle told my daughter their ages (10 and 7) and that one (if not both) is her neighbor. Michelle told her lots of things about them kissing and stuff, but then she also told me that one of her boyfriends kissed Michelle on her privates. IMO, Michelle (who btw is only 6 and in kindergarten) shouldn't know any of the things she is talking about. I don't know for sure if she is being abused (although it certainly sounds like it) or if she is hearing about this from someone else.

Bottom line, I plan on talking to their teacher tomorrow about what my dd told me. I think someone needs to find out exactly what is going on. I was wondering if anyone on here would think that I am overreacting by telling their teacher? Also, I was wondering if anyone thinks there is anything else I should do.

Thanks for any replies!

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