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Re: lymph nodes?

thanks for explaining more in detail Katestar,
I'm sorry I didn't understand at first.
they palpate them.
which means to just touch them to see if they're enlarged or not.
we have many many lymphnodes in our body that run like a channel. a lymph node channel.
they are part of our defense system and if a foreign agent is in our body, our cells recognize this and attack it. the lymph nodes are supposed to filter them in a sense.
sometimes lymph nodes become enlarged due to allergins, cancers, viruses, etc.
we have them behind our knees, inside and behind the elbows, on our scalp, behind the ears, under the jaw line and down the sides of your neck and under your collar bones and inside your groin, behind the knees, under your arm pits, etc.
you can ****** the human body or lymph nodes and see an illustration.

your dr will most likely during the examination feel under your arm pits quickly, in your groin area, and under your jaw line on both sides of your neck.
these are the 3 places they mostly check during a physical.
they just place there finger and hands there and move it around which is called "palpate". Like when you give yourself a breast examination each month.

most people can't feel their lymph nodes, but very thin people can feel them and become alarmed because they feel them, especially in the groin area.

anything larger than 2cm is of certain to the dr's and that's when they do further testing on the patient.

I hope I was able to help answer your question.
you sound like you're getting ready to have a physical from the dr. am I correct on this?

don't worry. it's all normal that they do this.

I'm here if you need to talk about it.