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Re: Chantix question - please help :(

Hey Jacobsmommy,
It could be that Chantix, as it is intended just isn't working for him.

I didn't always pay attention to pill label for morning, as I figured they were the same thing. Also, although some people get sleepy from Chantix, I'd get ramped up, so my 1st pill went with breakfast, 2nd pill with supper (to buffer my tummy). I had still to take something to sleep while I took it.

I would certainly talk to a doctor before considering increasing dosage.
It's an odd drug, but it helped me quit 111 days ago.

It could be that maybe he really isn't into his quitting.
You have to want it. I still want a cigarette, but I want to be quit more.

You quit for you and your baby. He has to quit for *him*, not for anyone else.

Good luck!