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Re: Appt with LLMD

Originally Posted by TropicalTrace View Post
I finally took the leap of faith and booked an appointment with a LLMD.
What should I expect?

Tracy, Hi, I am so glad that you are going to se an LLMD. That is a major step forward right there! The LLMD will most likely spend about an hour to hour and 1/2 with you going over your symptom history. If it is possible write it all down and fax it to their office ahead of time and then bring a copy with you so you and your doc can be looking at it at the same time. Write in chronological order when you first strted having symptoms, and stress the fact that you haven't felt good since they started. If you saw the tick attachment and/or rash begin there. be breif about your symptoms, date, how you felt, don't go on about how you got out of bed, went to the store found the bite while at kids games, etc. This will just take up time, stick to the facts, the symptoms and time frame. Don't be afraid to let the LLMD know how bad you feel and how much this has affected your life though. Have ALL lab work from previous doc's with you, make copies for the doc so that he /she doesn't have to, bring copies for you to glance at as the doc is going over them, this helps our scrambled brains to stay focased. Just don't forget everything at home, yes we tend to do that!! I fhe honestly feels that LD is your problem he will most lkely start you on ABX's right away, while waiting for the test results to come back. Ask the LLMD which lab they are using to test. If it is not Igenex, request that they use Igenex for the initial Western Blot. You must pay for the Igenex tests up front, so make sure you have a CC with you. The other tests, co-infections, CD 57 can be tested by Quest or MDL, they will bill your ins. for you. Some LLMD's (like mine) send you to an independant lab to have your blood drawn, make sure with the LLMD that this lab will draw for Igenex and send it for you. You may have to pay a drawing fee up fron. Around $20.00. The Igenex test takes about 15 working days to get back to your doc. The other tests about 4-5. good Luck, and let us know how it goes, Sincerely, Sarah