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Re: Just need to vent. . . . .yet again :-)

Thanks for your response. Yes, it is nice to have my own home to come home to. Being under one roof would probably be too much. I don't know if my marriage would survive that. That would be a major strain on everyone, the kids too. So for now, and until it's absolutley necessary, we won't live together. When one parents dies, then that's a different story. If Dad were to go first, there's no way Mom could live alone. We all know that. So does she. But, who knows what time will bring. Have to wait and see.

My 4 brothers do what they can. Well, one does. He lives next door to me and is close. All winter he and my hubby do the plowing, mowing in the summer, basic house stuff (electrical, plumbing etc) that I can't do. He cooks meals for them and sends them over frozen also. He works full time 5-6 days a week, so he does what he can. The other 3 bros are far away. One out west, one down south, one up north. The one out west is a Dr/surgeon and flys back here almost everyweekend he can. He's coming up Saturday too. He's been the best support, because he knows stuff from a medical standpoint that we don't. He does appreciate what I do and thanks me for it. He says he's glad I'm so close and do what I do. Glad that Mom and Dad aren't all alone up here. That does help and make it better when he says that. He's offered $$$ to help also--to get them a maid or something. He even offered to pay me, but I didn't want him to. I don't think he should have to. Maybe someday it will get to the point when I need to be there more often than I am now (if that's possible) and maybe I'll need to take him up on that then. But its not necessary now. It does mean the world that he even offered though.

Time to function. Thank you for your input. And, yes, I agree we need our own space. It is nice to leave there and come home sometimes.

God Bless and have a great day all :-)