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Re: What to do? I Could REALLY use some advice....

I am not looking to prove abuse. As far as divorcing, my state is considered "no fault", so you dont have to prove anything in order to be granted a divorce. I know I can ask my parents to retain the attorney again, but if I do that, they are involved and then I am endebted to them......they will think I have to do everything their way even if I am against it. The attorney they retained last time said that he could go to court & get a court order giving him 30 days to leave, because the rental contract is in my name only. I am hoping to avoid this.
My hubby said when we do divorce he wants to do it on our own. We can obtain papers from the courthouse and file them on our own and get the hearing on our own as long as we are in agreement. We have gone over these things all ready. He just does not want to leave the home.....I guess more than anything I am looking for advice on how to get him to leave. Should I stop doing all that I do for him? ALso, I am filing for disability. Do to my medical problems I am unable to work. Some may think I can't afford to divorce him. I cant afford comprimising my mental health or that of my kids by staying with him. Maybe my only choice is going to stay with my parents and hoping that one day my kids will understand. My daughter had a great bf here and is going to be a junior in high school next year. She does not want to leave the area until she has graduated. I can't blame her. If we go stay with my parents, then she would have to leave her friends and bf. I hate to become dependant on my parents at my age even if it is temporary, but I guess sometimes you have to do what you have to do.