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Swollen Glands (7 Years) & can't breath...


I've had swollen glands for 7 years now. After about 2 years I had tonisillitis for 2.5 years - finally had them taken out 3 years ago but I still have very swollen glands under my jaw and my underarm is very painful for the last 8 months. I also have constant ear ache (right side).
I'm sick of going to the doctors as one doc said there is nothing in my throat that can swell????? I'm no doc but I'm not hollow! the next doc never once looked at my throat during tonisilitis and just kept trying to give me tranquilizers (excuse the spelling - I'm in a rush as I'm at work).

The last doc I went to see said that it's because I shave my underarms????? so millions of women are having this problem? besides I use cream!

I'm now so exhausted and fed up. I've put on weight as I don't exercise now as I did before... I also get the 'it's because your overweight' but that doesn't explain why I had this when I was a size 10!? I joined a gym for a while but had to give it up as I keep getting sick.
Is there somewhere I can go and pay for a blood test or speak to a non-idiot?

Another problem I have is that I finally got an asthma inhaler last year (I think I've been asthmatic since I was 10) but the doc didn't really test me! I do find it helpful for exercise (the cough doesn't go to my chest and last for a week!) but I've heard that asthma means you can't breath out but mines the opposite I can't really breathe in! If I want to cough I really have to put a lot of effort in sucking in breath... I'm very weezy and I'm fed up with not being able to breathe in fully!

I want to get my health sorted but I'm in a limbo! I'm not a doctor and I dont' want to trawl the internet in order to become a hypocondriac (spelling???)
I would like to be taken seriously, this is really getting me down now.

thanks for any info

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