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Re: Swollen Glands (7 Years) & can't breath...

I go to a local lab in my area that does tests for many companies and hospitals. You can walk in and get your blood tested at any time of the day and get your results back the next day. The also offer a card to carry in your wallet that has all your blood work results blood type and allergies to meds on in. It's good in case you every get in an accident.

For a level 3 blood profile, thyroid and progesterone it was $220.

If you look in the yellow pages under medical or lab's they should be listed. There are a few in my area but I go to US Bio Chem cause they are the cheapest. Plus they give you the card and do a EKG, eye and hearing test.

I did the creeping around the Internet thing to find out the tests I needed to check problems for. Then when I went into the lab I asked if there were packages that I could get with the tests I needed. The people at my lab are just nurses. There is a doctor on but but he is only there to run the tests not to answer questions about your health.

It could be your thyroid, hormones, if those come back negative I'd say it's a vitamin deficiency. My aunt had every test in the book done to her. They said it was bi polar then it was dementia and she was going to die. Took a simple blood test to find out she was b12 deficiency. Her body can not hold B12 so she must get the shots. Now she is so much better.

EDIT: I have swollen lymph nodes in my back and in my neck and someone on here suggested that I look up EBV cause it sounded like the symotoms I was having. Maybe you should look it up too.

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